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Photo of client during an appointment for an eyebrow wax, lip wax, hair cut, and Olaplex hair treatment at Luminosity Salon in Hastings, Michigan.



Malibu Demineralizing treatment – 30 minutes

• Effectively removes mineral deposits and chlorine caused by hard or soft water, well water, pools and hot tubs
• Removes discoloration and brassiness caused by iron, copper and other minerals
• Restores moisture, shine and manageability to hair
• Prepares the hair for superior color absorption and coverage
• Normalizes pH of hair and scalp
• 100% food-grade ingredients that are safe for all ages and all hair types
• No preservatives, parabens, gluten or fragrance



Malibu makeover – 30 minutes

Malibu MakeOver has all the same wonderful benefits of a Malibu Demineralizing Treatment, with the addition of a Hair Reconstructor.

• Immediately repairs damaged hair
• Rebuilds inner structure of hair
• Restores manageability
• Nourishes and protects
• pH balances hair and scalp
• Packed with proteins and Pro Vitamin B5
• Better color retention


Photo of client during a highlighting color service at Luminosity Salon in Hastings, Michigan.


Moisture and Protein Treatment – 30 minutes

• Delivers intensive moisture for improved softness
• Necessary amino acids for strength and repair
• Beneficial for chemically-treated hair
• Beneficial for hair styled with excessive heat
• Restructures curl definition
• Penetrates to restore dry, brittle hair
• Prevents further breakage
• Improved strength
• Improved elasticity



OLAPLEX Makeover TREATMENT – 1 hour

Includes a Malibu Demineralizing Treatment, and a Moisture/Protein Treatment.

Olaplex is a three-step process that works inside the hair to help repair weakened and broken bonds caused by excessive heat styling or chemical processing.  Unlike conditioner, that sits on top of the hair, Olaplex works internally to crosslink single sulfur hydrogen bonds to create disulfide bonds in the hair; which are responsible for giving hair its strength.

• Noticeably stronger, healthier, shiner hair
• pH balances hair and scalp
• Better color retention
• Revitalizes curl pattern
• Includes a take-home bottle of No.3 Hair Perfector weekly treatment
• Olaplex can be added into any color or highlighting service to prevent and repair damage